Medical Services

Adult Primary care
Comprehensive HIV and Hepatitis Care
Anal Pap Smears / Colposcopy &
Treatment of Dysplasia
Skin Biopsies
Treatment of warts
Wellness evaluations



Phillip Musikanth M.D. accepts most PPO insurances and Medicare. The practice is not contracted with HMO insurance plans. Please make sure the office has your current insurance information prior to your visit. Deductibles and co-payments will be collected at the time of service.


Prescriptions Refills

You are encouraged to request your prescription refill needs at least 3 days in advance to allow for communication with your pharmacy. Please ask your pharmacy to request refills by computer or you may call the office and communicate directly with our team.



I am on staff at Cedars Sinai Medical Center and Olympia Medical Center. Dr. Vivian Shirvani, an internist and infectious diseases physician, assists me with coverage at Cedars Sinai.


Lab Results

Lab results can be obtained on the patient portal, sent to you via fax or email (PDF). If you would like to review your lab results, please make an appointment with me or I will review them with you at your next visit.


See what patients are saying about Dr. Phillip Musikanth...

"Dr. Musikanth is an excellent diagnostician, but that's not where it stops. Never in all my years have I found a more compassionate, caring and thorough doctor. I trust him implicitly, and other family members and friends are also in his care. I cannot sing Dr. Muskanth's praises enough. He takes time and care with each visit and makes you feel very safe. Dr. Musikanth is a standout for his knowledge and expertise. The staff is very professional as well. A-plus all around!"

― PJ W., Los Angeles, CA


"Dr. Musikanth is truly a gem!  I've been going to him forever and wouldn't stop even if he weren't in my health insurance plan!

He is so kind and really takes his time with each patient.  He's technologically on the ball too... there have been instances when I'm in his office and ask him a question that if he doesn't know, he accesses info on his Blackberry and POOF!  He has the answer.

He's extremely personable, always remembers me even if it's been a long time between visits and usually makes me chuckle... we've even had conversations about our dogs!  In short, the guy NEVER rushes, is very knowledgeable and is someone that I will say would be the kind of person you'd want as a friend or neighbor!

I have the utmost confidence in him and his delightful staff and can't recommend him enough!"

― Suzie S., Los Angeles, CA


"Phillip Musikanth has been my Doctor for almost 20 years, he's simply the best there is. He takes time with me and listens, I don't know what I'd do if he decided to retire and my Husband feels the same way."

― Michael M., Van Nuys, CA